Hubstaff Review- An In-Depth Research in 2022

Find the most recent review on Hubstaff in 2022. A detailed discussion on features, pricing plans, reviews, the pros and cons of using it.

How do you deal with time management and employee monitoring in your business? There are thousands of time tracking and employee monitoring solution available in the market. Hubstaff is one of the renowned products among them. It has earned immense fame in employee tracking and monitoring, time tracking, and productivity measurement.

In this article, we've provided an in-depth review of Hubstaff, including its features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages. If you are in love with the monitoring and productivity app, this in-depth review on Hubstaff will help you immensely.

Also, you may get a general idea of how a time tracking and employee monitoring app should be!

Short review of Hubstaff

Before going to a comprehensive discussion on Hubstaff, let's see the features and a short overview.

Hubstaff is mainly a time management tool providing tracking, monitoring, productivity analysis, scheduling, GPS tracker, geofencing, reports, payroll, and invoicing. It assists you in expanding your business by prioritizing and controlling the teams in a productive way.

The interface is very easy and full of key functionalities. The primary services you'll get from Hubstaff are-

  • Time tracking- automatic time tracking, timer, mobile time tracking, edit time, adding notes,

  • Employee monitoring- apps and URLs tracking, activity tracking, screenshots, GPS tracking, geofencing,

  • Project- budget and progress tracking, task management, team management,

  • Reports- activity report, expense, budget, time off, invoice, schedule reports,

  • Additional features- employee scheduling, payroll, invoicing,

  • Integrations- over 40 integrations like Asana, Slack, etc.

  • Deployment- Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Web.

Pros and Cons of Hubstaff


  • The time tracking app allows you to switch among different projects and tasks very fastly and smoothly.

  • The automatic timesheet helps directly in recording data for billing, payroll, and invoicing.

  • It offers an extensive reporting system in different categories that allows you to save valuable time.

  • The job site feature is very useful for the employees working in different locations.


  • The free version for a single user offers a very limited service.

  • Hubstaff is pricey compared to other time tracking apps.

  • The payroll should be improved.

The key features of Hubstaff

Time Tracking

Hubstaff review

Hubstaff provides an intuitive timer that helps to track your time easily. It provides desktop and mobile apps. It tracks time-based on project and task. You can use the start/stop button with each project or run the timer by selecting each project.

The niftiest things you may reach out-

  • Adding time notes if you need to make some important work notes, edit the time entries,

  • Create, edit or delete and track the task from the timer. It will help you to get more organized to handle projects.

  • Using the fully automated time tracker without the timer,

  • Getting notifications and alerts for taking screenshots and idle time,

  • Schedule the timer for specific times and days.

Employee Monitoring

Hubstaff itself provides an entire employee monitoring process full of excellent features. You don't have to worry about how your employees return their working hours: screenshots, apps, and URLs, activity tracking, and more.

Let's dig deeper.


Hubstaff review

Hubstaff takes random screenshots every 10 minutes. This feature is full of user demand. So, you should not be tensed about your employees' job as you can observe the activities going on their screen.

  • You can customize screen capture for each person.

  • The frequency of screenshots is customizable too.

  • You may blur the screenshots to maintain the privacy issue.

  • It notifies each time when screenshots are taken. You may turn off the notification.

  • You may delete the specific screenshot.

  • Any specific comment may add to the notes on the screenshot.

Apps and URLs tracking

Hubstaff review

Hubstaff tracks the applications and websites that you use during office hours. It shows all the details of using any site or app. As it is a common tendency for the employees to use non-official apps and sites during the work like social media browsing or online shopping, you may observe and check their such kind of works with this feature.

You may have-

  • Project-based apps and URLs tracking. You can observe project-wise reports of application and web usage.

  • The report contains time spent and sessions. It tracks the hours passed in each site.

  • Session counts the number of times the app or site is focused.

Activity monitoring

Hubstaff review

Hubstaff makes the team more productive by tracking the keyboard and mouse movement. You may see a productive bar showing the total percentage of activity. This bar shows the percentage of keyboard and mouse usage.

It shows the productivity bar at a 10-minute interval. Also, it calculates the average of activity. It rates the percentage and shows a relative percentage of activity of the previous day.

For example, Green color means 50% and above up to 100% of productivity; yellow color-coded productivity bar rates 20% to 50% of activity; red is 0 to 20%.

GPS Tracker and Geofencing

Hubstaff offers a GPS location tracking system to track down the outdoor employees. It allows observing the exact location of any particular time to oversee the employees working outside the office.

Hubstaff job site or geofencing indicates a specific area where your team may be allowed for tracking. The main benefit of geofencing is that when you enter that particular area, Hubstaff automatically starts tracking time and stops when you leave.


Hubstaff review

Hubstaff's timesheet is very intuitive and easy to understand. Most organizations need the timesheet for project management, employee performance measurement, invoicing, and so on. You can get the following advantages from Hubstaff's timesheet.

  • The timesheet shows project-wise information like time, duration of work, idle, manual time, and activity.

  • Data is shown in daily, weekly, and calendar view. Also, you may custom the dates to see the complete timesheet as per your requirements.

  • It shows the total time logs in one frame marking all the projects worked in that log. You may differentiate the billable and non-billable hours too.

  • It allows manual time entry, editing the timesheet, adding notes, and exporting the timesheet.


Hubstaff review

Hubstaff supports diverse categories of the reporting system. It includes time and activity reports, apps and URLs reports, expense, project budget, payments, invoice, time-off reports, etc.

  • You can export, send and schedule reports for your business needs.

  • The dates can be customizable so that you may change the views when necessary.

  • The admin or owner need not pay any extra time and focus on reporting as it offers multifunctional reports.

  • You may see the reports for yourself or see the whole organizational or teams' statistics.

  • It will provide reports for clients, projects, to-dos, or members.


Hubstaff review

Now it's a matter of one click to fix the scattered teams into parallel and synchronized mates with the Hubstaff's schedules. It'll help you to shift, attendance, vacation, and leave management.

You may able to-

  • Plan to shift schedule to control your teamwork properly.

  • Add schedule for team or individual. You may able to repeat shifts of individual or team.

  • You may add notes, set, send reminders and notices for missed, abandoned, and late shifts.

  • All the notifications can be controlled, and you can monitor the members.

Project tracking

Hubstaff review

Hubstaff mainly tracks project-wise tracking. You may divide any project into multiple tasks and track the task too. Your work with the Hubstaff project gets the maximum profit.

  • You may set budgets for each project and track the billable, non-billable, and budget.

  • The teams' performance, as well as individual progress, is shown clearly.

  • You can limit the project time and cost for executing the proper planning.

  • Hubstaff task allows you to customize your workflow to maintain the task progress.

Expense Tracking and invoicing

Hubstaff review

To add more perks, Hubstaff brings the expense tracking feature for non-time related expense management. It has made the transactional and financial work hassle-free. It also generates reports based on expense tracking.

  • You may categorize expenses, scan receipts, or share the expense reports.

  • The invoicing tool directly generates invoices for your clients.

  • You may have different payment statuses, including pending, partially paid, paid, etc.

Other Features

Time off and holidays

Hubstaff provides holidays and time off management policy for the organization owner and team. As per a promise to minimize the waste of time, Hubstaff has brought these two policies.

The organization owner may set the time off policy annually or hours worked. It is mainly added to your schedule. Also, you may send a request for time off and holidays. Your team may able to know when you will remain in the holidays or time off periods


Hubstaff enables you to maintain your clients in a trouble-free and straightforward way. The prime function of this service is to maintain the client's projects and ease in direct invoicing.

In the 'Clients' section of Hubstaff, you may get the list of the clients with their budgets. You can add detailed information about any client regarding the address and contact info. The clients may get the direct invoice reports through email.


Hubstaff review

Hubstaff offers thirty-plus integrations to help you grow your business. It has integrations with project and task management tools like Asana, ClickUp, communication tools like Slack, payment tools like Bitwage, Payoneer, etc.

All these integrations make Hubstaff compact in one platform rather than moving back and forth to multiple tools.


Desktop version

Hubstaff review

Hubstaff supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. The dedicated timer for your PC is really a lightweight tool. Most of the features are available in the desktop app. But only a few like location tracking does not work with it.

For Chromebook and Chrome extension, some features like location tracking, task creation, apps, and URLs tracking are not available.

Mobile version

Hubstaff review

The platform supports iOS and Android operating systems. With the project-based timer, it has location tracking with a GPS location tracker. But it can not track the screenshots, apps, and URLs.e


The setting of Hubstaff is relatively easy and straightforward. If you want to try their 14 days free trial, simply sign up with your email and create an account. The rest of the settings are pretty trouble-free.

Hubstaff review

  • Starting with the email verification, you may set up your organization or join your existing one as a team member.

  • To aid your customization, Hubstaff offers varieties of industry suggestions. If your organization matches with them, create the organization with name, team size, and co-owner.

  • You have to select the features you want to use. Also, you have to enter your project and task. Hubstaff also suggests some project ideas.

  • After that, you may pick a plan or skip for a while. And here you'll enter into the dashboard. You may use the web app or use a dedicated app for your device.

Pricing Plans

Hubstaff has 4 pricing plans on an annual and monthly basis. The services and features availability vary with the plans. With the freemium program, it supports the paid tools too. You may run a 14-days free trial free of cost.

The plans include-


Hubstaff is free forever for a solo user with very basic time tracking features.


This plan costs $7 per user per month. If you want a primary time tracking solution, you can go for this plan.


This plan is their most popular plan. It is $10 per user per month.


It is $20 per user per month. All the features and services are available for this plan.

You may get two months free on all plans if you pay annually. Also, the plans reduce in the annual plan.

Reviews of Hubstaff

Apploye- A right alternative to Hubstaff

As Hubstaff has already owned a big crown in the market, you may try to find many alternatives to Hubstaff. The closest app to the Hubstaff is Apploye which allows much more than time tracking with screenshots.

Apploye has intuitive features like online timesheets

, screenshots, reports, apps, and web tracking, activity monitoring, GPS tracker, geofencing, shift, and attendance tracking, payroll, invoicing, and more.

The most important thing that makes Apploye unique from Hubstaff is it creates a list of top-rated employees based on time and activity tracking over the week. It is a transparent report of the employees that are created from the employees' activities. It helps you to observe the most active employees in your organization throughout the year.

Also, Apploye is very reasonable to use compared to Hubstaff. You may check Apploye free for 7 days as a Hubstaff alternative.

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