Techniques for Effective Time Management in 2023

Time is a precious, so you can have few effective time management techniques which can be a game changer for your day from this article.

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While working we often don’t look at the flow or consistency of our working result, this is why we often get downward results for not managing all together, but is it really possible to manage together ? the answer will be a big YES !!

You have to just follow a proper time technique for availing this system on your life, and the impact ? you will see it once you will start. Without further ado lets catch up on a few time management techniques which will play as game changer in your time management skill.

1. Trim down your time

While trying to get your best out of your time, think first and take the appropriate actions later. I used to work without trimming any time frame for any task. By this i found myself in a huge tiring situation, which made me bored for my work schedule, but later i invented if i simply trim my times in to blocks, it will be more interesting and challenging both. I started working on it immediately and made up a draft plan for a week, I trimmed my working hour for specified tasks and goals. After a week I found myself more enthusiastic than before and also it made my life more disciplined and simple.

By following this technique I found few colleagues of mine doing far better than my other colleague who didn’t follow this. They ultimately made them a robot and worked anonymously without intentions, they often worked on holidays to cover up task deadlines.

So the impact of this simple technique makes it easier to become successful with time management and win the game.

2. Always have a plan for your next day

In every aspect if we really look very deeply we will find that if you can not make any next step plan, the existing one will also turn into a failed aspect. If there are no plans for the next day, the city life would have been tougher, all the tough jobs and all the easiest jobs had their own way of managing their stress point.

If I do not make plans for my next day it will be a tougher day for me as i am working for a software company. I have to look after my customers and their issue plan wise, without a plan it would be a clash between my other team members with simple points.

Having the right plan for the right task is a mandatory thing. If you can simply map your next day's task and how you will finish this and when, you will gain a confidence point for doing the job. This confidence will make the rest of your work easier. So try to have a plan for your next day.

3. Eliminate distractions

While working on any tough project, you are concentrating on your work very closely and suddenly someone calls you on your mobile phone, how would you feel at that time ? i think i could touch your pain here. This is an usual example, from our daily life we often find like these.

For getting back again it will take a lot of time, we all know. so if you can eliminate the rate of distraction, and if you can create a block area for all of these it will be more beneficial. If you can not create a certain block area for this, it will keep distracting you throughout your work and you will be used to it. Ultimately there will be no profit of having time management techniques.

Using facebook and opening a tab on your browser is a curse here, while getting any notification, or we are expecting someone to send us a message, it keeps our mind stuck on it for so long. If somebody sends a message it sends a notification and that thing grabs your immediate attention. We all should avoid these unwanted distractions for having better time to work. If you want to work flawlessly you must have to eliminate these from your habit list.

So if you can simply avoid by canceling these out of the browser for a specific time period, it will give you a space to work silently and you would be able to fill up your desired task on time.

4. Bring your unpleasant task first

Start your work with the unpleasant task always, because in the morning we all know our brain works more sharply and less fatigued. So if you can finish your unpleasant task by that hour, you would be able to find it more easier and by that time your rest easy work will be hassless for you.

So if you have any task which you think is a bit tougher or a bit harsh for you, start that and finish at the first hour, by this way you would be able to manage all your other tasks within time without being bored or less interested and fatigued.

5. Organize your morning

While starting a day you must always plan for its starting and ending, so if you can start your day with a scheduled plan, it would be better to manage your time easily because you know how to start and when to start, by this you are almost completed your 20% work of a day.

Have some space for your other regular exercise on this list too, so that you don’t lose track for other wellbeing as well. Meditating and early morning exercise is a great thing which you should not avoid from organizing your morning routine.

Having the right routine for your day and for the morning is a must have thing which you can do from the previous day or you can do it by your comfort zone.

6. Communicate

While eliminating all the distractions, you must keep in mind about communicating with your right authority or person. Sometimes we get stuck with a problem and we often try to seek help from google and for finding the right answer we spend more time on it, but if we knock a right person for the problem within that time we can simply have a clear and short answer or solution for our problem.

So instead of googling and trying to find the solution by yourself you can reach to the right person, so it is saving your time also it is allowing you to have a refreshment scope for your brain.

7. Avoid burnout

On our day to day work the level of stress and frustration get on peak and we often end up throwing our day on a mess. You can simply call this situation a burn out. Why burn out is important for time management ? well, you should not forget about your mental health and space, you are working for a purpose not as a robot without purpose, so while working do not get stuck like overwriting, you must be careful about your working comfortability.

If you don’t acknowledge your burn out, it will affect your future days. You will lose interest in your work and no matter what technique you carry, it will not work as planned just because of this.

You should acknowledge your more scratched work, you should acknowledge and allow your inner self rest for a few days, to get managed all your time in future days.

8. Allow rewarding period

Don’t make things too stressful, this is another important thing and you may say this is also a step toward managing time. We all look for incentives in our life, no matter what work we are doing. We need motivation to move forward to do more best things in life, but do we really get this much ? the answer is on yourself, you give reward to yourself here to move forward, you don’t have to wait for anyone else to do it.

Allow some free space for your comfort, you can set a time while scheduling or making routine for a day, that you will go for a walk after this task is done, or you can go for a short coffee break, do what makes you comfortable for rewarding, and this will increase your work efficiency and after having this reward you will get back to work with more refreshed mood.

9. Try unique trends

Trying new trends is sometimes good for your productivity, these things will increase your time management skill one step ahead. If we talk about a 9/80 work schedule, this will increase your time management and on the other hand your stress level also will be decreased by this time.

You can also try playing a time game for managing your time playfully, by doing these you can also exercise your creativity.

10. Read time management articles

To attain your goal for time management you should be more focus on it, you should find out which part you should work more on, all you have to do is focus on your own work and find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Apart from that there are few books which are recommended to know more in details about time management skill, you can read Rework,The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less, The 4-Hour Workweek.

You can also try playing a time management game for managing your time playfully, by doing these you can also exercise your creativity.

Few final words for time management techniques

As already we all know that time management is an essential part for our life and there are no way to avoid this, on the other hand we often see that “You have to do it” or “I should follow this” or “If i could follow this, it would be a game changer for me”, all these sentences on our life is also very common, where we get stressed out with mostly and these words are making our own way to meld down towards other way without taking care of your own preferences. This is also not exceptional, because we like to follow instead of finding better things for our own self.

Now the thing you should follow is, find your own comfort zone. Because we all are suggesting the thing we experienced and the most experienced thing, this may not work for your time management technique. It is wiseable to scratch up and find the best thing FOR YOU, BY YOU.

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