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The best time tracking app for productivity in 2022. This article discusses Time tracking and Productivity management features of Apploye.

Tracking employee work hours isn’t an uncommon practice, but not everyone can reap the benefit of monitoring employee time due to having an obscure concept about productivity. This is 2022, and you can’t afford to beat around the bush to claim yourself productive just because you track time!

Time tracking productivity apps are commonplace too. The problem remains in how you use them to stay productive and which one you should choose to gain an edge over the competitors.

If you find synchrony with the above discussion, let’s dive into the sections below to get acquainted with the best time tracking app for productivity to boost your employee productivity with unprecedented precision and flexibility!

Some Common Queries Regarding Best Time tracking App for Productivity

Before starting the discussion, here are the answers to your common queries regarding employee time tracking and productivity management.

Is time tracking effective?

It depends entirely on how you plan and execute.

Say, you’re bad at planning where to delegate your precious time. Then, Time tracking might be a waste of time for you!

But, if you are good at advanced planning of tasks and projects, tracking time would only result in diversified benefits.

Remember, tracking the work hours is a common practice, but not everyone does that to push the efficiency bar further. They may do that to console the wandering mind that they are on the right track, which is not necessarily true.

Why time tracking is important?

Time tracking is easy, but it can lead you to become more disciplined, organized, energized, and engaged in your work if you plan your way prudently.

Time management techniques are important because they help you keep the work processes transparent, track the flow of budgeted time in different directions, and get insight into where the time is being used, where it is effectively implemented and where it is wasted.

Furthermore, tracking time helps you keep records of your work and simplify the way to strategize the next moves of your business.

Is time tracking worth it?

Straightforward answer- If you choose to track time with the best possible time tracker in the market, every second you track is worth it.

Keep your life aside; time is the most valuable asset for you; there’s no doubt. Choosing to track time in various tasks would help you realize the true worth of time. It will significantly cut down the waste and show you how to boost productivity.

However, choosing to track time haphazardly or being indecisive with the tracker that would monitor the time will only kill that worth.

How often should productivity be tracked?

Very often, but not always!

Look, tracking productivity doesn't mean hankering after it 24/7. We are not superhumans. We feel the urge to leave work, get some entertainment, get refreshed and maybe take a nap. Productivity is a buzzword- you should not be the slave to it; instead, try to master it!

So, tracking productivity only makes sense when you're in the business. Stop talking about it when you are not. Implement your time and energy correctly when you're on the move, but there's no necessity to ponder over it when you're not. Apps to track productivity are all over the world nowadays.

Getting a good night's sleep or a 30-minute nap seems an auxiliary priority in a world obsessed with productivity. Yet, you know how beneficial it would be to kickstart the next session with the fullest enthusiasm!

How time tracking software works?

Time tracking software is a tool that tracks employees' work hours and automates the attendance system for the managers. On a larger scale, it will provide you with insights into different tasks and projects, help you set the budgets, and monitor employees' work behaviors on various scales.

Time tracking productivity apps around the world are used to help businesses improve employee productivity and stop the time wasters in the workplace to take further chances. Furthermore, they substantially reduce the managers' pain and cut down the labor behind low-level admin tasks.

So, no matter your business's scheduling policy, a traditional one or an exceptional one like a 9/80 work schedule, time tracking software can be a gamechanger anywhere.

Apploye- The Best Time Tracking App for Productivity

Best Time Tracking App for Productivity

One of the most delicate in its business, Apploye prides itself on being the scintillating time tracker app with screenshots that offer features convenient to use and beneficial to the actual growth of the business. Hundreds of companies across the globe keep their trust in Apploye due to its prominence in time tracking and employee monitoring.

Apploye is a supreme tool to give you decisive advantages over your competitors because of its incredible affordability and smooth user experience. It's a time tracker that helps you reduce the wastage of time and unprecedentedly increase employee productivity. Again, Apploye's dashboard is a professional command center that allows managers to grasp the working employees' current performance without any hassle.

Key Features of Apploye for tracking time & Productivity

The main features of Apploye encompass many areas ranging from simply tracking the time to managing the projects and handling clients with time tracking invoicing capabilities. In this article, we will highlight how Apploye helps track your employees' working hours with a touch of a few of its beneficial features and shoot up the usual productivity by miles.

Time Tracking Features

Following are the features that discuss Apploye’s core capabilities in tracking the employee working hours.

Timer - Automatic & Manual

Apploye offers an automatic timer that tracks your time when you press the start button. Stopping the timer results in a halt, and the total tracked time will be displayed on the app. So tracking time with the help of Apploye time tracker is a breeze.

Clock-In, Clock-out

Apploye can be used as a wonderful clock-in clock-out app. In the dashboard, you will be able to see when every employee started their work and when they stopped. The total time worked on the last day is also shown. You will be able to see the running days report on employee performance at any moment, which shall include the data of every member based on the time they worked, average activity level, the productive and non-productive time calculations, and notes. You will be able to see the performances in both tabular and graphical views.

Track time on projects & tasks

Apploye tracks the time you spent behind each task and project that you undertake as parts of your duties. Apploye’s task management is clean and straightforward, where you can add multiple tasks under numerous projects. The projects are being tracked from the word goes, and you will be notified as per the time spent and cost incurred in the process.

That’s how you can set the project start date and deadline to achieve your goal in time. This is important to get insight into billable and non-billable hours, which is crucial for your business to stay profitable.

Idle time

Discarding your employee's idle time from the timesheet improves productivity and a faultless remuneration policy. Why should you pay for the time your employees didn't work or engage in any work-related activities?

This is genuinely an excellent option given by Apploye helps you to tackle the challenge of non-productive hours.

Manual Time

Adding manual time is a valuable feature for the employees who forget to start tracking their time at the beginning of the work. This is also crucial as employees may lose their share of work even after doing their part. But to add manual time, they have to show the rationale, and the productivity would be Zero for that particular period.

Brief Timesheet

The timesheet of Apploye is as intuitive as you will ever see! It shows exactly when you start, take breaks, and finally stop your work. This is exquisitely a brilliant feature to See your employees tracked time at a glance in Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Custom Range Timesheet views.

Live Feed

This is a unique feature offered by Apploye which shows the currently active employees in your workspace. You can see their latest start time, the projects and tasks they are working under and can request the user to get instant screenshots.

Productivity Management Features

Best Time Tracking App for Productivity

Following are the features that Apploye offers to track the workplace productivity and give insights to the owners on how to improve it.

Performance-based comparison

Best Time Tracking App for Productivity

Apploye provides you with a great dashboard that is intuitive and smooth operating. The dashboard covers everything that the owners and managers need to see as it gives the synopsis of your employees' work at any given time of the working day.

You will be able to see the Top 5 Members based on time logged and activity. You will see the active projects and the total hours spent behind them. The dashboard will also show Top Assigned Projects, overall activity report, and timesheets of all projects.

Apps usage

Apploye tracks your employees' app and software usage and lets you know what apps they are using most of their time. You can easily find out whether they were using apps and software related to the task assigned to them or simply wasting their time listening to music or playing computer games.

URL Tracking

Apploye tracks the internet behavior of the employees at your office. You will get to know the websites your employees are frequently visiting. The Internet is a vast reservoir of distracting materials, so it’s an important feature. You will be able to monitor the see if the employees are doing it right when it comes to visiting the Internet. The lesser the internet distractions, the more will be the productivity of your workforce. You can check our article to learn more about how to monitor employee internet usage and online activities.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Technique is a stout and robust feature inside Apploye's quiver. It is another marvelous feature that helps you fight the monotony of the work and stay productive for a more extended period. Use the powerful "Pomodoro" technique to boost your productivity. Set the break time and interval as necessary and see how you keep your mind on the run without running out of energy and kicking yourself out of the exhaustion cycle.

Random computer screenshot

When it comes to productivity and distraction reduction, Screenshot monitoring is the one-man army, to put it mildly! Apploye takes random screenshots of your employees every ten minutes, and you can change the frequency of the screenshots. It significantly reduces your distraction and prohibits bad employee practices. That’s why random screenshots are so helpful, and Apploye helps you leverage this feature to stay ahead of your competitors. While managing a Virtual office, you might find it most useful.

Productive vs Unproductive time analytics

The productivity analysis of Apploye is another insight into how much time your employees are being attached to the work they are given. Apploye computes your employees' productivity based on mouse clicks and keystrokes. The productivity is shown in percentage form. At the end of a workday, if an employee of yours ended up with 70% productivity, he was active for 7 minutes if his total working tenure was 10 minutes.


Since its inception, Apploye has been a groundbreaking best time tracking app for productivity creating new standards in the time tracking world with all its resounding features. Apploye has already attracted the market for all it offers at an affordable price. It is now operating worldwide, and hundreds of companies are using the product to stay ahead of the competition by putting a gigantic thrust on their productivity meter.

So, start a 10-day free trial with Apploye and experience the ultimate boost of productivity, efficiency, and discipline in your workspace. Please share this article and let us know what you’re thinking about it in the comment section.

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